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Beautiful chef cooking with our food grade timbers. We specialize in producing premium cooking timbers for your traditional wood fire oven or pizza oven. We wholesale our products to other retail companies that service restaurants across the entire East Coast of Australia and Australia wide. If you own a restaurant we can put you in touch with one of our many clients that service the restaurants in your area. We have clients that service the entire east coast of Australia including, Sydney, Central Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle areas
Beautiful Chef cooking with wholesalefirewood.com.au ,

Firewood fact: We are working to establish a standard for cooking timbers. To date there has been no regulation of the industry and we are the only known company working to establish a voluntary standard for cooking timbers.We are the founder of certifiedfirewood.com. Most restaurants don't know. If your current supplier is providing cooking timbers that have been cut with a chainsaw you are cooking with contaminated wood. Most chainsaws use the same amount of bar oil as they do petrol. There may be up to 5 liters of bar oil ( residual chemical component) on a 2 cubic meter load of wood cut with chainsaws. It's this crude oil that could potentially make your customers sick. Could this get your restaurant shut down? 

"A happy customer is a customer for life! Treat every customer as if they are your family and would you seriously cook your family a meal with chainsaw oil?! Make the change taste the difference!" the owner

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